Seamless Aluminium Group provides painted coil products with the best reputation in the industry for consistency of quality and performance.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing, our products not only meet the highest quality requirements but are also produced according to EN, DIN, BS, ASTM and ECCA specifications. Our production sites are all certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

The aluminium coil in Seamless Aluminium Groups gutter products are made from the highest quality materials available. And it is 100% recyclable. We hold our suppliers to the strictest of standards and employ a rigorous qualifying process in selecting new sources.

A sophisticated traceability system allows the materials to be traced from our supplier through production to end user.

All our coil products are covered by BBA cert no 93/2918

The coil is usually coated on both sides with the same coating system, often in different colour combinations. This allows the customer the flexibility to select either colour for the decorative face of the installation, while giving added performance on the inside of the gutter.


  • *Excellent surface finish
  • *Low maintenance
  • *Even application of lacquer/paint
  • *Constant colour shades
  • *High degree of flatness
  • *Burr-free slit edges
  • *Optimized corrosion resistance
  • *Recyclable


The coil is available in widths up to 1202mm.