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Curve Bender BKK 25

bending from 0°-90°, bending height 5-25 mm When standard benders give up the handy little flange- and curve bender BKK 25 made by DRÄCO are needed. Bending from 0º till 90º, straight, concave and convex. Light and handy. Especially for producing tight radii (inner and outer radii!). Bending height is...

Draco EcO-Bender3/200

bending from 0°-90°, bending height 5-200 mm Universal mobile bending tool to bend and form all kind of materials straight, concave or convex. With 4 guide rollers the EcO-Bender offers you a stabil guidance and an easy handling. This bender forms many profiles. Bending up and down, making under and...

Rol-Bender Disc-Bender DB41S2 (single)

Bending a right angle of 90° to max. 180°. Angle height from 8 – 40 mm/ 0,31“-1,57“. Perfect for eaves, valley channels, cross seams, alterations, gutter flashings and many more. Max. metal thickness up to 1 mm/19ga. (depending on material). Inner and outer radii possible with single Disc-Bender, angle height...


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